See our care and maintenance page.

Yes we do refinish tile and we will regrout the wall if it is neccessary.

If the bathroom has a window, all odors are exhausted through the window. With just the bathroom exhaust fan (no window). Odor may occur during the process, but it disappears in a few hours.

Both doors must be removed. We will remove the doors, however you must put them back. If that is a problem we may make arrangements prior to refinishing the tub. If you would like to replace your old shower door, or buy a new one; We have many shower doors in stock!


No. All faucets and shower body must be fixed/ replaced before.

No, do all other work first, such as papering, painting, toilet, etc. Call us last, since our Warrantee does not cover man made damage or other accidents which could damage the new finish on your tub.

If you have attempted to clean the tub with normal household cleaners and the tub is still faded or dirty in appearance, there is nothing you can do to restore the shine. The original finish has become worn and leaving the pores exposed to absorb dirt, bacteria, and chemical stains. Unfortunately, the more one scrubs, the worse the situation becomes.
So let us put a new shine in your tub!

Since everything is relative, with normal care and proper cleaning, your new finish will last for many years. Peeling (or flaking) seems to be the #1 concern of most. This condition is caused by trapping gas under the glaze during the process and, if present, within 30 to 90 days after refinishing. Your 3 Year warranty affords you more than ample protection against this unlikely possibility.

You may use your tub in just 24 HOURS after the technician has completed the job.

No, it’s not actually porcelain. It’s synthetic, which when applied, hardens to a beautiful high gloss porcelain like luster. This is a unique process developed specifically for bathtubs and laboratory tested to meet the highest standards of product performance and quality. The material hardens, and does not release any toxins. Our long list of satisfied customers proves that claim and guarantees your complete satisfaction.

Normally between 2 and 4 hours. All work is completed, Once we leave you would never know we where except for the masking paper we leave behind to protect your bathroom.

No, plumbing problems (leaks, broken fixtures, etc.) Must be resolved before we are scheduled.